"World's Tea, Tea in Me, Our Tea, To the World"

Dear Tea Enthusiasts,
We extend our sincere invitation to the 2018 Myung Won World Tea Expo!

This year, we are continuing the tradition of promoting Korean tea and tea culture exchange with world's tea enthusiasts with World Tea Expo! The 2018 Myung Won Tea World Expo is expected to be the biggest tea culture event of Korea in fall of 2018!

For the development of Korean tea and tea culture, we have collaborated with 20 different countries to promote Korean tea. For the past twenty years, we have recognized significant contributors to the development of Korean tea and tea culture with the Myung Won Grand Tea Culture Awards. The Myung Won Cultural Foundation is the only organization in Korea authorized to award the Korean Presidential award to the grand prize award winner of the Youth Tea Ceremony competition.

For this year's World Tea Expo, we have the special motto of 'Experience Tea World and Meet World Tea Artists' to bring the world tea and tea culture close to Korean tea enthusiasts. We will continue to show case the beauty and value of Korean traditional culture to the world!

The Korean tea is recognized as one of the most unique and highly regarded tea in the world. This recognition was achieved through significant efforts of many Korea tea producers and many tea enthusiasts. I am very grateful for such a great achievement.

The 2018 Myung Won World Tea Expo is for people who love tea and tea culture! We hope you can join us to experience and share our great love for tea and happiness!

I sincerely hope you can join us for this year!
Thank you.

Chairwoman of Myung Won Cultural Foundation
Kim Eui Jung