"World's Tea, Tea in Me, Our Tea, To the World"

Dear Tea Enthusiasts.
We like to welcome you to the 2019 Myung Won World Tea Expo!

For the past twenty four years, the Myung Won Cultural Foundation successfully organized and conducted various national and international tea industry and culture events including International Grand Tea Culture Award Ceremonies, International Tea Ceremony Contest, World Tea Expo and World Tea Symposium for advancement of tea and tea culture. The foundation held exchanges with more than 20 countries for promotion and globalization of tea and culture.

We are excited to announce the 2019 World Tea Expo in Korea. The 2019 Expo will feature Korea Tea Package Design Exhibition, World Tea Cupping Contest, World Tea Symposium, World Tea Art Contest along with more than 130 tea and related booths.

We hope you can join the 2019 World Tea EXPO to celebrate the world of tea with Korean tea enthusiasts!

Thank you.

Chairwoman of Myung Won Cultural Foundation
Kim Eui Jung